BOB turns one: the team's reflections πŸ’¬

Thursday, April 15, 2021 |

It's been a year since we launched In that time, we've welcomed some fantastic stories, grown our brilliant community and virtually met truly inspirational people making good stuff happen across the health and social care system. To celebrate BOB's 1st birthday, we've reflected on the last year... 

Neil Crump
Co-founder and Chief Partnership Officer

A thank you...

Marc Southern
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

I wanted to reflect on a year since launching BOB with an eye toward the future and what can we learn from all of this. 

I’ve seen that in times of a crisis, talking more about what works or not is critical. We’ve seen with BOB that people are seeking out new ways to connect and learn from others in the absence of face-to-face contact. 

Our hope is that this experience will leave us all in a better, more connected place moving forward and increase efficiency across the board. From a personal perspective, life in a household of three young boys has been fun, crazy, stressful, all at once, but I’ve been grateful to have had a family to help me through this last year when so many others don’t. I’ve definitely learned to be more grateful for what I have, even when I feel more like a boxing referee than a Dad.

ChloΓ© Fox
Client Services Director

Reflections on the last year...

Nic Vovk
Quality Manager

BOB's journey over the last year has been a unique and humbling experience to be a part of. We have spoken to so many people working in health and social care who never cease to impress me.

I get the great job of being our lead contact for such staff and have a wide range of conversations every day, where I will then work with individuals to create a write-up of their work.

I joined the BOB team just before the pandemic hit, and will be forever grateful that I managed a day in the office to meet everyone (aside from the lovely Bernie!) and I cannot wait to meet up with everyone soon to raise a glass to the ground-breaking community I believe we are building.

Momentum is key to BOB, and we are driving through some brilliant write-ups at pace right now. We are busy working away behind the scenes making sure stories meet CPD needs so that all the time dedicated to writing up can be as fruitful as possible for our authors and also for our readers. Certainly watch this space! But for now, I send out a message of complete gratitude to everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last year and I look forward to developing those connections further.

Julien AltoΓ©
Product Manager

One year ago, in a matter of weeks, we went from a prototype website to an actual platform available to all health and social care professionals across the UK. And ever since, despite the extraordinary context full of uncertainty, we followed our values and never lost of sight our objectives, which is an amazing achievement.

As BOB Product Manager, I’m glad to see that decisions we make when it comes to improving the platform are always made with our members in mind.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our members is the only way to build the most suitable platform for our community, whether they are willing to tell, share stories or simply looking to learn how someone else did something similar to an upcoming project.

It is crucial for us to have regular conversations with our members, we are just as collaborative in our approach as our community is when it comes to using

I am grateful to be part of the team and looking forward to celebrating BOB’s second birthday next year!

Fripouille having her say in important product discussions πŸ’» 

Bernie Piscopo
Client Services Executive

Like many people, I still can't believe I have never met my brilliant colleague Nic. Not only does it feel like I have, but it feels like we've known each other for years. Despite everything the last year has thrown at us all, the distance - though difficult - has been lessened through the new ways we now all communicate (see below for picture of us getting distracted on our daily BOB catch-up). 

We're lucky enough to meet a lot of brilliant people across the health and social care system - albeit virtually over the last year. But I often come off video meetings with someone on the other-side of the UK or even further afield feeling like I've still really met someone. I think back to the time when a work call was exactly that - a call about work. Now, you connect with people face-to-face in their own setting - cats wandering into shot, babies crying, tea being delivered - and I feel like this has helped shape more authentic conversations.

And actually, although we have our grand mission over the next few years, at the heart of BOB is helping our community to have such authentic conversations. Over the last year, we've worked with you to make sure BOB is accessible any time, anywhere in the UK, at no cost to health and social care staff so you can do exactly that. We can't wait to help our growing community tell, learn from and share authentic stories around their good ideas (and the bumps along the way) so that good stuff can be adopted elsewhere. Here's to BOB's second year!

The moment we discovered filters on our Monday Morning Meets 🐠

As we serve BOB's brilliant, growing community for a second year, we look forward to meeting more of you along the way, and catching up again with friendly faces from the last year. A huge thank you to you all!

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