BOB's Bulletin - March 2021 📰

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 |

BOB's Bulletin 📰 

All the latest from BOB, including upcoming events, recently published stories and surveys.

Champions helping us shape the future of BOB pre-launch in February 2020

Have your say

You may know that here at BOB HQ, we're a core team of 6. But, did you know that across the UK we have a team of 30+ BOB Champions?

Champions are people like you - and they help us make BOB the best it can be for health and social care staff.

As BOB grows, so does our brilliant team of Champions. They get involved with the creative stuff like product brainstorming, or they let people know about BOB in their networks.
Whether you love getting creative, social media or chatting about good ideas, we'd love to invite you to become a BOB Champion.

To chat about what being a Champion can involve, and introduce you to some of your fellow Champions, we'll be holding a virtual get-together.

Your favourite cuppa or snack will be posted to you to enjoy during our 'meet up'. Simply let us know you're interested!

Making the NHS more equitable for patients & staff

We're honoured to welcome Dr Anu Obaro's story on BOB. Learn how she created a talk on antiracism to encourage colleagues and leadership to make active commitments to being anti-racist.

Learn from Dr Obaro's story & find further resources

 “Fit to Work. Fit to Treat. Fit to Live.”

Looking to promote health and wellbeing in your workplace? Kevin Gannaway-Pitts unpacks how you can bring Health & Hustle into your organisation to improve staff health and wellbeing, while promoting better self-care, prevention and healthy lifestyles for patients too. 

Learn from Kevin's story & access helpful resources

3 minutes to spare?

If you have experienced the revalidation process, we'd love to you to complete this quick survey. Let us know your thoughts on, and experiences of, the revalidation process.

Your insights will help shape how we iterate BOB so it can best support you through revalidation and beyond. 

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