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Friday, September 04, 2020 |

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We’re getting a lot of interest in BOB from communications teams both within the NHS and supporting organisations. For some, our offer is clear, for others, there’s a little confusion with questions like: Isn’t BOB duplicating what we’re already doing? How is a BOB story going to support my activities as a communications professional?

Firstly, to give you a little background, BOBers Neil, Bernie and I have forged our careers in healthcare communications, with a collective experience of 40 years’. We understand the challenges you face as communicators and the need for quality content to hinge your activities on. This is where BOB can support you. is an additive tool that supports other mechanisms of dissemination. So how does this work in practice? is free of charge to use. It allows NHS staff to tell stories of how they are making change happen at a local level. It has been developed with NHS staff for NHS staff and unpacks exactly how a change was made, allowing someone elsewhere in the NHS to learn from and implement something similar. These stories go further than a traditional case study, unpacking all the processes, engagement undertaken and the human factors that led to a change - we call these impact stories. Impact stories can be generated independently by individuals in the NHS using our guided writing engine. The author is always the NHS person who led the change. Before publication, all stories undergo approval from senior members of the author’s team as well as review by our dedicated Quality Manager who has built her career in the NHS. 

How do you make free for the NHS? 

BOB is funded by revenue generated from sponsored impact stories from NHS suppliers. Our typical paying customer is a pharmaceutical company seeking to demonstrate the optimal use of a medicine (i.e. something that has brought maximum benefit to patients and value to the NHS) or profile their collaborative contribution to optimising local service provision. But, all stories, free-of-charge or sponsored, are authored by the NHS staff who led the change. 

This means that our tool will always be free to NHS staff. It also means that is an advert-free zone, and we do not promote or target content at our users. This approach makes us different from most other channels for healthcare professionals - there are no flashing banners for the latest gizmo on BOB.

How is all this relevant to NHS comms professionals? 

As well as handling the droves of media enquiries that come your way, a key part of your role is likely to be getting the word out there about the innovation and positive changes happening across your organisation. We know that uncovering these stories can be challenging. 

The way that BOB draws out the stories from your staff means that hidden gems of knowledge and information are revealed. These are going to be of value to a reader but also helps you to put together further internal and external communications to spread the word about innovation in your organisation.

As an example, a staff member may have implemented a groundbreaking project, let’s say they’ve rolled out digital consultations across their Trust with huge cost savings and most importantly proven benefits to patients (read a real story about this on BOB!). They’ve taken the time to write up the story on, which other NHS staff can then sign-up to read for free and take the learnings to their own organisation. This puts the author’s Trust on the map as an innovator within the BOB community and beyond. 

If you’d like to find out more about how can help boost your communications or would like help to spread the word across your organisation, get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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