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Friday, August 21, 2020 |

All the latest from BOB HQ

BOB's first major update has landed! 🚀

Having rapidly launched three months ahead of schedule back in April, we've been working hard with a team of brilliant user testers from across the healthcare system to roll-out BOB's largest iteration to date.

These updates enhance how NHS staff can write up, learn from and share good ideas with their peers across the UK and is all part of our goal of building the learning platform the NHS deserves.

Read on for a sneak peak of BOB 2.0!

So, what's new?

Co-founder, Marc, chats about some of the enhancements we've made to BOB

A new look to impact stories

We've enhanced the experience of reading and navigating stories on BOB. For example, where readers could previously just see numbers on questions, now they can see what's coming up next as well as a recap of what they've already read. Take a look at some of the other changes below.

Bridging the gap between author & reader

It's important that a reader and author can communicate with each other. A reader wanting to implement a change in their local setting may have a niche question not covered by the impact story, or they might want a little more information on an answer. Now requests can be made to the author via the new functionality as shown below. Simply submit a question, and we'll pass it on to the author for them to answer.

The missing link 🔗

We may take the ability for a hyperlink to be on a website for granted, but a lot of developer work goes into this in the background. So we're chuffed to say it is now possible for authors to add hyperlinks within their story to other relevant internet content. This is great for both the authors and for the readers who then have the full picture of an impact story.

Giving readers a choice of viewing stories

NHS staff have also told us they'd find it useful to have the choice of viewing an impact story on a page. So, that's what readers can now do! Depending on how a reader prefers to read, impact stories can be clicked through (as above), or they can now be viewed as a one-pager.

A word from Julien, BOB's Product Manager

Having crunched our launch timelines to support NHS staff responding to COVID-19, it was key that when we did launch, our time-stretched NHS users could still easily navigate BOB. The team at UsabilityHub offered their brilliant user experience service for free to companies, like ours, providing tools to support the NHS in the pandemic. Julien explains more in a recent Medium article - click below to take a read.
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Shape the future of BOB - become a user tester

We're working hard to build the learning platform the NHS deserves, but we're not doing it alone! All the updates you've seen in this newsletter come directly from your feedback to us.

We have a growing team of brilliant NHS staff who are BOB user testers. And that's not all. NHS suppliers are also sharing their insights on BOB's first sponsored module, which will profile collaboration initiatives with the NHS - the revenues of which enable us to provide BOB to NHS staff for free, forever.

In addition to a series of insightful workshops with NHS staff, we've also had three great workshops with companies who are helping to shape the sponsored module on BOB. If you've got a story of how your organisation has rolled out innovation or collaboration that brings maximum benefits to patients and value to the NHS, we'd love to invite you help shape this module.

Wherever you sit across the healthcare system, you can help shape BOB and make it the best it can be. Simply get in touch below.

Get involved

Thanks for staying up to date with what we're up to. If you like what you've read, please share in your networks to help us get the word about how BOB is supporting the NHS far and wide.

Until next time, take care,
The BOB squad

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