BOB update - week 12 🎈

Monday, July 06, 2020 |

As part of our weekly update series, BOB's Quality Manager, Nic, shares our latest update


BOB's new look

Over the coming weeks, you'll notice some exciting changes across BOB. The three main updates we're working hard on are:

1. The home-page - making this as clear and easy to navigate as possible

2. Brand new modules - following our COVID-19 focus, we're introducing:
+ A general improvement module where NHS staff can share the practical how-to behind changes (big or small) they've made across the NHS with others facing a similar challenge elsewhere
+ A sponsored collaboration module where responsible NHS suppliers can profile Joint Working and other collaboration initiatives with the NHS. Revenue from this module helps keep free for NHS staff, now and always

3. Supporting documents - functionality that will enable authors to share materials alongside their impact stories to help readers looking to implement the project elsewhere

As always, we have a number of user testing sessions this week to help keep us on the right track as we build the shared learning tool the NHS deserves. Keep an eye out and we look forward to hearing what you think (if we're lucky, you might even want to join our brilliant team of user testers here!)

Wishing the NHS a Happy 72nd Birthday

We are all one NHS and without you, we simply would not be here. A huge thank you and birthday wishes from everyone at BOB 💙

Thanks for watching - we'll see you next week! :-)

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