BOB update - week 11 ✏️

Monday, June 29, 2020 |

As part of our weekly update series, BOB co-founder, Marc, shares our latest update

NHS supplier workshop

We were chuffed to welcome NHS suppliers to a workshop last week to discuss ways in which companies collaborate with the NHS. This was to see how we can best support the profiling of collaboration activity, such as Joint Working, on BOB. Watch this space for announcements on this in the coming weeks and months. 

Are you a responsible NHS supplier looking to share *how* your innovation can be used optimally, or profile NHS collaboration initiatives such as Joint Working? Watch our latest 5-minute NHS supplier BOB briefing with Client Services Director Chloe Fox to learn more here.

Returning to a new normal

Since BOB launched in April, we've been focusing on our COVID-19-specific module. We're now picking back up our general improvement and innovation modules and are doing lots of work in the background to get these ready in the coming months. 

As always, we're looking for NHS staff to join our brilliant team of user testers to keep us on the right track. If you're interested in taking part, get in touch here

Thanks for watching - we'll see you next week! :-) 

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