How do we ensure is a safe and secure space to share?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 |

A blog by our Quality Manager, Nic Vovk

To ensure meets the needs of health and social care in storytelling, it has been developed with input and feedback from hundreds of staff from a range of roles including quality improvement leads, senior nurses, doctors and pharmacy staff, to name but a few. It wasn’t developed overnight, in fact it has taken four years of extensive research and development with input from behavioural scientists, user experience designers, as well as our BOB Buddies. 

We are fully committed to BOB always being developed with health and social care staff input and experiences taken onboard to enable us to constantly grow and improve BOB in a way that meets our members' needs. To ensure BOB remains a safe and secure space to share, BOB is only accessible to health and social care staff, Academic Health and Science Networks (AHSNs) and other verified and approved non-commercial organisations serving the system. has also successfully undergone NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit clearance. This is important to us as it can show you as our community that we are working in line with National NHS Digital data standards and how we are firmly committed to doing so. If you would like learn more about this, please click here to be taken to the page on NHS Digital.

Having initially pivoted to support the COVID-19 response, in December 2020 we brought our general improvement focus back on track. With this update, we're proud to introduce a wealth of changes and new features on BOB, that as ever, have gone through user testing. Such new features include:
  • New question set layout – we have kept our narrative starter but have changed the two sections to Part I, which is to be completed for live and completed projects and Part II, which is aimed at completed projects
  • Assigned block themes to question sets – enables the process to flow much more freely
  • The ability to add links directly into a story
  • The option to now attach documents to support any question
  • Synopsis – this has been extended and is the bit that is visible outside the platform
We are building a shared learning ecosystem, for our members to tell, learn from and share stories around good ideas. We offer this forever free to our members and will always firmly commit to ensuring remains a safe space to share.

Our aim is to keep everything on the website as easy to understand as possible so it is accessible to all, if you think there’s something we can improve on then please do let us know on For now, thanks for reading and take care of yourself.

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