How do we ensure is a safe and secure space to share?

Thursday, May 14, 2020 |
A blog by our Quality Manager, Nic Vovk

As the Quality Manager, it is paramount to me that BOB is a completely safe and secure place to share. That is why we only allow people to sign up to BOB if they have a valid NHS email and they complete the required verification step.  

On the occasion where staff do not have an NHS email account, we perform a thorough check to confirm their eligibility to sign up. Such staff may include charities working alongside the NHS, trainee healthcare professionals or representatives from professional bodies that support the NHS. We also allow doctors to register using their email if they are unable to use an NHS one.
As a former NHS pharmacy worker, I recognise the absolute need for a safe and secure place that NHS staff can login to, to share a whole host of things, from long-term transformation projects to innovative uptake and smaller ‘eureka’ moments. They are all valid insights that are rich in value for other people working for the NHS in different parts of the country to learn from and put into place where they work. 

We've produced a handy checklist to help you understand the compliance requirements that will need to be met:
  1. The project was developed and delivered in patients' best interests
  2. The story is an accurate reflection of the project
  3. Available results and outcomes are detailed in the story
  4. The team involved has been detailed (roles only, individuals should not be named without their written permission)
  5. The project is in line with national policies and guidelines and local procedures

To ensure meets the needs of NHS staff in sharing their stories, it was developed with input and feedback from hundreds of NHS staff from a range of roles including quality improvement leads, senior nurses, doctors and pharmacy staff, to name but a few. It wasn’t developed overnight, in fact it has taken four years’ of extensive research and development with input from behavioural scientists, user experience designers, as well as our NHS ambassadors. We are fully committed to BOB always being developed with NHS staff input and experiences taken onboard to enable us to constantly grow and improve BOB in a way that meets your needs. 

All of the above leg work enabled us to offer our COVID-19 module at speed, with a three week turnaround, whilst also ensuring we met NHS needs for a sharing hub in a comprehensive and engaging way that is rich in insight and easy to share within professional networks. 
Right now, NHS staff need a shared learning hub they can put their trust in. Here at BOB, we have seen many examples of rapid action and problem solving at work during COVID-19. For instance, Nicola Cartner’s impact story on how University Hospitals North Midlands (UHNM) Cardiac Rehabilitation Service adapted to provide online ‘virtual rehabilitation’ alongside telephone clinics.
As you can see, our COVID-19 module has been released at pace but has considered lots of information to make it the totally free supportive online tool the NHS deserves. We will keep working on our quality process to make sure it is of a high standard to meet the needs of NHS staff. Our aim is to keep everything on the website as easy to understand as possible so it is accessible to all NHS staff, if you think there’s something we can improve on then please do let us now. For now, thanks for reading and take care of yourself.

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