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Tuesday, May 05, 2020 |

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”. This well known quote was referenced in a BOB impact story recently and inspired this blog.

NHS staff up and down the UK collectively solve a huge number of problems a week, a day, even every hour. This in itself is nothing new, but the sheer volume, scale, speed and kind of problems COVID-19 presents, is.

NHS staff work with the patient at the centre of their focus and rightly so. We know you’re time stretched, so once the challenge is overcome, often, it’s straight onto the next one. But what about all the thinking you did to solve the problem? What about how your experiences and learnings could benefit other people working in the NHS in another part of the country?

Without capturing the changes you are making, these solutions might be lost to you, and also lost to a colleague who is going to face the same challenge somewhere else in the NHS tomorrow.

Helping you share your learning

In regular times, writing up experiences can be a challenge. Now more than ever, it is difficult to sit down, reflect and methodically document what you did. We asked NHS staff like you whether they would find it valuable to be given a structured and tailored way to both share with and learn from their colleagues as they respond to COVID-19. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’.

So, in three weeks, we developed - a free-to-NHS supportive online tool - specifically designed to mobilise shared learning for NHS staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this, we weaved in both COVID-19 specific insights gathered in recent weeks, and our four years’ worth of extensive research with behavioural scientists, designers and NHS staff.

Created with input from 21 NHS staff, BOB asks precise questions to capture all of the work you’ve done, the challenge you were up against, the solution you put in place and how you measured its effectiveness. Answering each question in just a couple of sentences builds a picture of a project that’s packed full of insight and ideas of value for colleagues up and down the UK to learn from when faced with something similar.

What you can expect on BOB

Each question has a word count to help both creators and readers, and also sits with one of three sections that make up BOB’s writing engine so that the journey of writing and reading an impact story is clear:
  1. The first step is to ‘build a narrative’ – this section is short and sweet and showcases the highlights of a change-makers work.
  2. Next is the ‘core details’ section – this is the body and bulk of the impact story where answers will be comprehensive. To help with this, there will be simple prompts and BOB’s ‘narrative starter’ boxes which help give an example of how change-makers could start each question.
  3. The final, optional section is where change-makers can ‘embellish’ their impact story. This delves into the finer details of projects and can be skipped and come back to in future.
BOB has always been about profiling *how* change happens at a local level - this is needed more than ever before in the face of COVID-19. We’re mobilising NHS staff to tell their story on and let others in the NHS benefit from their experience.

Come and take a look around

We’ve already welcomed some brilliant inaugural stories and invite you to sign up for free to see what BOB is all about for yourself. If you’d like a whistle stop tour around BOB, watch the below 15-minute briefing video where you can hear more about:
  • An overview of BOB’s journey to supporting NHS staff respond to COVID-19
  • The team behind BOB and what you can expect from us
  • How we keep a safe community
  • The process of creating a BOB impact story, including quality control measures

Reach the team on or 07879 888 722.

Thank you for everything you are doing to care for us up and down the UK, we are all incredibly grateful. Take good care, from everyone at BOB.

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