Why culture matters at BOB - our reflections as we launch

Friday, April 10, 2020 |
As founders of a start-up it is often hard to pause and reflect on what a business has achieved, but the imminent launch of BOB.health, albeit with the last minute rapid pivot in response to the COVID-19 national emergency, makes this an opportune moment to do this...

Our small core team of six and the technical development team, who have helped us build BOB, only started to work together in October last year. We collectively decided to alter our plans and create this COVID-19 module from scratch on 17 March. So we've made this all happen in around three weeks. And we couldn't be more proud of everyone involved.

Our values as a business, underpin all our successes to date. They shape our culture and guide our decisions about who we hire, which contractors to work with, and with who we collaborate. These core values are that people should be:


We are friendly, generous, and considerate.


We are going to take some knocks; as a team, and we'll face up to, and recover from them together with courage.


No one person is more important than the team, and we always find ways to work well with people from other organisations who align with our vision of the world.


We do what we say we're going to do for our customers, collaborators and each other with integrity.

Neil Crump's reflection...

We were only able to accelerate and bring the COVID-19 module of the tool to NHS staff in just weeks, because of value alignment by everyone involved. We are grateful to our now long-standing advisor Matt Mower, who made Marc and I sweat over these for several months, he told us they would be needed to help us get through times of high pressure. He was 100% right; the kindness we have all shown each other (because everyone is kind) has been remarkable.

Marc Southern's thoughts...

For me, it’s been the importance of how resilient we have all been. BOB sits in an exciting space. A business focused on helping the NHS, for free, to be great at sharing their learning, so that staff help each other out. We will make revenues from sponsored content from responsible NHS suppliers to ensure we keep the service free to the NHS forever. 

Both parties are inherently a little sceptical of each other and often end up in a loss:loss dialogue. We believe that win:win is more than the desired state, it's the only viable one to build a sustainable healthcare system. 

We take the odd knock from both sides, people being cynical about the 'other side', and we have occasionally become their whipping boy for their skewed views. Our value-based focus means that we do bounce back and don't falter from our beliefs, we move on and find people with our shared vision of the world. It's a much nicer place to be.

Learn more about BOB

Find out how BOB can support you, whether you work for the NHS directly, are involved in a professional body or charity, or share our view of the world as an NHS supplier with a good story to tell. Visit us at www.bob.health.

As we are brand new to the world, we have created three background briefing presentations that give people an in-depth understanding of our business and how we intend to support the NHS for free, forever.  Available at www.briefing.bob.health for the following groups:

  • NHS staff
  • NHS organisations, professional bodies and charities
  • NHS suppliers

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