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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 | is now live! Over the last three weeks, the BOB team has pivoted to support NHS staff responding to COVID-19. We've developed a new platform from scratch to help NHS staff create, learn from, and share the experience of adapting to local services. BOB's free-to-NHS supportive online tool is available now at

Within 24 hours, we've already welcomed our inaugural impact story (see below video) and look forward to welcoming many more as's community begins to grow. co-founder, Neil, captures the moment the team virtually celebrated the publishing of the first impact story from Arun Midha, NHS England.

BOB in the news

We were thrilled that The Sunday Times covered the work is doing for NHS staff on 12 April -read the piece here.

The 'Continue Reading' zone copy reads:
'With the support of their 21 ambassadors within the health service and social media polling, the team decided to press on and launch this week.' 
NHS supplier update

Understanding BOB's pivot

In the coming months, our planned focus on innovation introduction and collaboration will come back on track. If you work for an NHS supplier, such as a pharmaceutical company, and would like to learn more about's current offer, sign up for a 30-minute briefing with co-founder, Neil Crump.
NHS staff and supporting organisations updates

NHS staff social media poll

The move to temporarily redirect BOB away from our planned focus on general NHS improvement and innovation profiling to COVID-19 followed a BOB social media poll with NHS staff finding that...
Supporting your COVID-19 response is here to support the healthcare system. Our free-for-NHS supportive online tool helps NHS staff learn from and share experiences with each other. It also helps healthcare organisations and bodies to gather impact stories in their area of speciality or interest, for free.
If you work for the NHS or a healthcare organisation and would like to learn more, watch a dedicated presentation via our briefing hub. 

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all our wonderful NHS heroes - from nurses and doctors, through to allied health professionals and administrators getting the NHS through its biggest ever challenge, we are now and always will be incredibly grateful.

We'd also like to thank all of the individuals and organisations who have helped us compress 12 weeks of development into 3 weeks, as we do everything we can to support NHS staff as they respond to COVID-19. From our brilliant BOB NHS staff user testers, to the healthcare organisations feeding back on BOB to help it be the best it can be, and every one else in between. Without you, we simply would not have been able to turn this around so quickly for NHS staff.

Take good care,
Neil, Marc, Julien, ChloΓ©, Nic and Bernie

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