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Saturday, April 11, 2020 |
It's been a tremendous journey with BOB to date, it’s great to have built our core team who made BOB.health happen... our free-for-NHS supportive online tool means NHS staff can create, read and share accounts of how they and fellow staff are adapting in response to COVID-19.

BOB is going to make a positive difference in the NHS. Over the next four years, we plan to positively impact the lives of 65 million people and support the NHS to save £1 billion. Our ambitious plans are enabled by living our values to be collaborative, kind, resilient and trustworthy.

In the future, we’ll bring you another free module to help you tell stories of how you make improvement in normal times, as well as sponsored stories of NHS staff introducing innovation and working collaboratively with NHS suppliers.

Here's a reverse timeline of the story to date...

15 April 2020: planned formal launch of the BOB.health COVID-19 platform to NHS staff calling for people to come and tell their stories to help others

11 April 2020: fully functional site ready to accept NHS staff stories ahead of launch

17 March 2020: team decision to pivot to focus solely on supporting NHS to tell and share stories about making change locally in response to COVID-19

2 March 2019: Nic Vovk joins the team from the NHS as our Quality Manager

February 2020: insights workshops on the writing engine and the right questions to ask, as well as aspects of the future online tool with our Ambassadors, our 21 NHS staff who have volunteered to help co-create BOB

November 2019 to January 2020: building connections with NHS stakeholders, commencing selling the concept to NHS suppliers in an attempt to generate revenues, gathering customer insight to inform a more in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers

21 October 2019: Three new starters: Julien Altoé (Product Manager), Chloé Fox (Client Services Director) and Bernie Piscopo (Client Services Executive)... our core team is formed

16 October 2019: First public appearance of BOB.health with a small pop-up banner and a table at the GIANT conference and host of a panel discussion

August - September 2019: Secure our four Angel investors and establish BOB's Board of Directors: Dr Neil Rotherham, Tim Davis, Claire Eldridge and Ian Jennings.

30 May 2019: meeting with Rob Berry (KSS) and Suzie Ali-Hassan (UCLPartners), this was our most robust meeting and we got the grilling of our life. Both from AHSNs who gave us excellent, and ongoing counsel

April 2019: set out to find Angel investors in the concept of BOB, a free-to-NHS service that would help NHS staff create, learn from, and share stories of change at the local level

February 2019: found our tech start-up adviser Matt Mower. He helps the co-founders shape their approach to gathering NHS staff and NHS supplier-customer insights about their roles and how the offering we create needs to align into their worlds and not be an add-on. Matt also gave us advice on how to start to tackle raising investment (which isn't an easy task!)

January 2019: Marc and Neil, self-funding, both start working full-time on finalising the core concept of BOB and making plans to bring the idea to the NHS. Consider themselves co-founders as they are both making this happen

31 October 2018: Neil and Marc meet with Dr Jill Bailey from Oxford Health Innovation, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, showing her the BOB concept. Jill has been looking for a dissemination platform for improvement work. She decides she would like to progress and discuss a collaboration to ensure the platform works for Quality Improvement professionals across the NHS

2018: Neil and Marc spend one day a week together planning and mapping out how they will approach BOB, formalising the approach, and how they can do this as a free-to-NHS service with revenues from content sponsored by responsible NHS suppliers

2017: Neil and Marc research the ideas around best practice sharing in the NHS and gain an understanding of the problems that NHS suppliers have around undertaking best practice sharing. The pair show Harsh Ashtekar, a web developer with his own agency, and long-term friend and colleague, the BOB concept. Harsh loves it

October 2016: Neil and the team at Aurora Healthcare Communications develop the core concept of BOB using Google Ventures Sprint Methodology to tackle a business problem in five days. The Sprint conceives a web-based platform to capture and share stories of best practice. NHS staff feedback on day five is they think it is a great idea. Thank you to the Aurora Sprinters: Dr Chris Hall, Laura Bailey, Arthi Veerupillai, Stephen O'Farrell and Freda Katunda. Neil excitedly calls Marc the next week, and they decide they will try to make the idea a reality.

2015: Andrew White, Director of Clinical Services at NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services, then Head of Medicines Optimisation for NHS Greater Manchester Shared Service, spoke at a Healthcare Communications Association meeting. He talked about how staff on the ground go about making change happen; how people do find it hard to discover the experience of others who have done something similar, and most people have to start from scratch. Neil's addiction to solving this problem was locked.

So it's been five years in total from the seed of an idea, the last 18 months of real focus and a colossal acceleration with our great people on board, in the last six months... it's been a trip...

You can also read the origin story of BOB.health on this link: https://blog.bob.health/2019/04/our-origin-story.html

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