Are you an NHS staff member tackling COVID-19? Find out how you can share your learning

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 |
To all our wonderful workers in the NHS - from nurses and doctors, through to allied health professionals and administrators getting the NHS through its biggest ever challenge, we are incredibly grateful. 

We know you’ve had to make big changes in response to COVID-19, and that’s why we’re calling on you to share your learning so far with peers. In just two weeks, we’re launching a free-for-NHS supportive online tool to help NHS staff, like you, create, read and share accounts of how you’re adapting and will continue to evolve local services in response to the pandemic, national guidance and local procedures. By sharing the story of how you’ve done this locally, you could help other areas of the UK to quickly adapt at a time of change like never before.

We ran a recent survey amongst NHS staff finding that a staggering 96% want to learn how others are responding to current changes in other localities. And despite mounting professional and personal pressures, an astounding 62% have told us they would commit an hour to write up their story to help others learn. Our tool will make this easy.

We had planned to launch in June, but given the speed at which this virus has spread, we decided to take action to rapidly accelerate development to release the tool three months early. Our launch tool will be reactionary to the COVID-19 outbreak and will contain all the core functionalities you will need to develop your impact story. We will walk you through the whole process including appropriate sign-off and we will make it easy for readers to easily navigate through different impact stories.

For BOB to be of most use we need stories - have you implemented a change in your area in response to COVID-19? Perhaps you’re a GP who has coordinated the rapid introduction of remote video consultations, or maybe you’re a pharmacist who’s found a way to adapt to the impending drug shortages - no matter how big or small the change, no matter what your role in the NHS is; learnings could help others at a time when collaboration is especially important.

With staff moving into unfamiliar roles, and clinicians coming out of retirement, we acknowledge the need for practical guidance and advice from those on the ground to support official advice.

BOB has always been about profiling *how* change happens at a local level - this is needed more than ever before in the face of COVID-19 and to support NHS staff across the country.

If you would like to get involved, either through contributing a story, being a user tester, or helping us spread the word of BOB to your networks, please get in touch.

Reach Chloé, Client Services Director at, on 07547 685 039 or

Thank you once again for your dedication and the sacrifices we know many of you have had to make - you’re all our heroes 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

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