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Friday, December 06, 2019 |
Those of you that have ever spoken with me will know that I am rather passionate about ;+). Our ambition is single-minded… over the next four years, we plan to impact the lives of 65 million people and support the NHS to save £1bn. 

We are going to do this by profiling how ideas and innovation get to be used optimally – helping people tell stories about ‘how’ they and their team made an impact. Others then get to read and share this unique knowledge, liberating it from silos and stopping NHS staff having to reinvent the wheel.  

From the first day of becoming obsessive about the problem that we are fixing, it has been a tremendous journey:
  • Working with my BOB co-founder Marc to raise investment
  • Finding our NHS Trust collaboration partner
  • Achieving our first sale
  • Establishing our values and culture
  • Hiring our team and now building the platform has all been a privilege.

Now BOB is months away from being in existence, we are shifting from a one-to-one discussion about the offering to presenting to rooms of people – we are now well and truly building awareness of what BOB is all about.

I got to do this at our healthcare agency preview night on Tuesday 3 December. We explained that we are creating an entirely original way to profile best practice around innovation in the UK.

Our case studies are impact stories and are a new category of content to add to an existing campaign or to build a campaign around. We got great questions from everyone that attended – lots of people could see how they might use BOB and propose it to an NHS supplier client to allocate budget. The great thing about our model for BOB is that the revenues from the NHS suppliers mean we can offer a free-to-NHS platform. 

So, we are on the hunt for pioneering people who see the potential of BOB as an innovative new route to communicate how the optimal use of a product or service brings maximum benefits to patients and value to the NHS. Pioneers are stepping forward, wanting to support and transform how people learn from each other in the NHS. 

What we are setting out to do is ambitious – mobilising best practice by busy NHS staff isn’t a simple task. The direct incentive for our authors is it meets clinical revalidation requirements as a piece of reflective learning. Ticking a box of something they have to do for their ongoing professional development.

We are galvanised by our supporters who know that collectively we can help make positive change happen. As 2019 ends, I want to thank everyone involved who has got on the BOB bus with us. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

Cheers, Neil Crump

Thanks to all our preview night attendees who stepped forward with ideas and offers of help to pioneer the change we are trying to make. Here is a picture of the last few standing at the end of the evening.

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